Friday, June 12, 2015

46 days, then 49: Love (June 11-12, 2015)

(Short entry)

I've often talked about my inability to sleep. Both getting to sleep and staying that way throughout the night. Well, occasionally I do get to the deep sleep that one of my doctors told me I miss regularly. It really doesn't happen often, and when it does, it's ugly.

On those nights  that I can sleep, I become a soggy mess. Loud, crunchy sounds like a pack of small children running wild through dry leaves emanate from my maw. I suck in my lips and blow them back out forming spit bubbles that pop and run down my face. And I make sounds like pigs at a trough enjoying the best meal of their lives. It goes on and on and on...

How do I know this if I am asleep?

My husband, love of my life, recorded me.

After seeing and hearing that, I concluded that he must love me very much.

Thank goodness he hates social media.

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