Sunday, July 10, 2011

17 days 'til 45

We have had a pretty busy summer so far. Adama gets up at 3am to get to Target at 4am for the early morning shift. Then he comes home to sleep or do homework because he is taking three classes this summer--ESL Reading, ESL Grammar, and Pre-algebra. So I tutor and type papers for his ESL classes and he takes care of the math. Ever try to tutor someone you love? Especially someone who wants to know why something in the English language is the way it is. He can't believe that the Language Arts teacher does not have all the answers. Our sessions usually end with me saying, "Sorry I yelled at you."

As for me, I have been dealing with the car. We had two car accidents in May, neither our fault, and have had to deal with insurance and having the car looked at and fixed multiple times. I hope to get the last part done this week. And I have bronchitis. Been coughing so hard I have wet my pants a few times. We have not slept in the same bed for the last few nights because my coughing fits have been so bad that I have not wanted to wake him up. We need a break from all of this.

So we started talking about getting away for a few days. He thinks he can convince his boss to give him two days off together and maybe he won't go to class on Thursday.  That might give us a long weekend. We talked about a quick trip to Las Vegas, New York, or maybe driving to New Orleans. The reality is we have very little time and not a lot of money. After looking at a few trip websites, we ended up talking about doing something next year.

Today after work, my husband brought home a couple of patio chairs. He has had his eye on different chairs throughout the summer, waiting for something to go on sale. Not just a few bucks down, but what he would call a good deal. My husband likes discounts, or as he likes to put it, "I want to win the good price." These were not the chairs he liked in the beginning, but he began to realize that if he didn't buy something now, we would be waiting until next summer for that too.

After a long day of doing errands for our in-laws who are in Europe for three weeks, we sat outside in our new chairs. Adama asked me what I really wanted out of life and we started talking. I talked about wanting to be a writer and wanting to live somewhere else for a while. He asked about my most vivid memory, and when I told him, he said that I could write about that. He told me stories about his past and what he wants. I didn't mop the floor like I wanted to and he didn't study for the test he has tomorrow. We just sat in the quiet of Leander and reconnected. He said how nice it was just to talk and look at the sky.

One day,  we will travel far away from home. We have no doubts about that. But for right now, sitting on five dollar chairs in our backyard is the best trip we've taken together in a long time.

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