Saturday, July 23, 2011

4 days 'til 45 (Revised from previous post)

Dancing queen, machine, or fool...

At the International Baccalaureate Conference of Americas, a room full of educators, administrators, renowned authors, and intellectual giants got busy on the dance floor to classical songs such as "Doin' the Butt," and "The Humpty Dance."

The principal at a school in Ecuador, a man in his 50's, grabbed a woman, took her to the dance floor, and showed her that a distinguished man in a tailored suit and tie can teach a few youngsters about salsa dancing.

And there I was, in the midst of all those people, learning how to "wobble." This from a girl who was too shy to go to dances in high school because she thought she would have to, uhhh, dance. I started to loosen up in college, and every year I get less intimidated, more animated, and just a tad less coordinated.

I intend to learn to salsa well enough to dance with that principal from Ecuador at the next convention.

By the way, Grisham people, study the video. We are wobbling at the first dance of the year.

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